About Us
TOP Solutions is a leading manufacturer and provider of a full range of turnkey services in the interior design and exhibition stand industry. Headquartered in Dubai with 3 manufacturing facilities in Lebanon, Qatar and the UAE, TOP Solutions services clients across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The Company's 70+ Team takes on intricate projects and specializes in high-end turnkey shop fitting and large scale exhibition stands. Its ongoing success stems out of a partnership approach with customers, leading to an in-depth understanding of a brand's needs and the delivery of superlative finishing on time and within budget.
Established in 2002 by a team of seasoned professionals, the Company has since expanded geographically, vertically, and horizontally by aiding its clients in achieving their goals and objectives through an exemplary record in turnkey solution development, design and execution, in addition to quality rental furniture. Through its professionalism, TOP Solutions builds strong and lasting relationships with clients across the territories it serves, and has become the appointed contractor for businesses in France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Lebanon and the GCC. TOP Solutions is a one-stop-shop solution for your company's events, exhibitions, shop fittings and window displays.
We nurture a shared culture across our organisation -- one of teamwork and progress. Through continuous self-enrichment and career advancement, our knowledge and proficiency of 80+ years in the interior and exhibition design and manufacturing industries ensures our timeliness, professionalism, high quality and renowned finishing. We hold some of the highest standards of ethics and provide our customers with quality assurance on everything we manage and produce.
Positioning Top Solutions as top total solutions provider to the various industries by putting design, manufacturing, fitting and storage facilities under the same roof. Top Solutions notoriety has been gained by meeting highest quality standards ON TIME!